Walk In Rates

$8.00 1/2 hour or $12.00 Day
Tuesday Ladies: (3:00 PM to 5:00 PM) Ladies pay no range fees.

Membership Rates

Range Benefits   Yearly Single Yearly Family Corporate
Normal Price $300.00 $425.00 $699.00
Training/Party Room $35.00/3 Hours $35.00/3 Hours 2 Free/Year
Lane Rental Waived (Unlimited) Waived (Unlimited) Waived (Unlimited)
Lane Reservations Yes* Yes* Yes*
Guest Pass 3/Year Free 3/Year Free None
Simple Gun Cleaning 1 Free/Year - $15.00 Extra 1 Free/Year - $15.00 Extra 1 Free/Year - $15.00 Extra
FFL Transfer 1 Free/Year - $25.00 Extra 1 Free/Year - $25.00 Extra 1 Free/Year - Manager
Firearms Rental 3/Year Free ** 3/Year Free ** 1 Free/Year - Manager
Training Discounts 15% Off 15% Off 20% Off
Store Apparel 15% Off 15% Off 15% Off
Store Merchandise 5% Off 5% Off 5% Off
Store Services 5% Off 5% Off 5% Off
Range Bag 30% Off 30% Off None
Range Shirt Free Free 1 Free - Manager
All members receive free eye & ear protection. 
Single and Family memberships receive 1 free Sporting Supply range shirt. Annual family membership includes primary member, partner and children under 18 living in the home. All children 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult. 
Corporate membership will receive 1 free Sporting Supply range shirt for the “Manager”.Corporate Memberships include 5 employees with one being classified as the “Manager”. The “Manager” is in charge of setting up the employees and adding/removing employees as needed.Additional employees added to the Corporate Membership are $125.00/each per year, with no limit .
Sporting Supply has the best ammo prices in the area and strives to offer you a great experience. There are no monthly maintenance fees for our members. For more information on the range, give us a call or email us at info@sportingsupply.com 
A list of current Training, Events and CCW classes can be found on our Calendar . 
 * Lane reservations will put you next in line closest to your time. ** Does NOT include Class III items.*** Guarantees you 1 hour of range time, after that if others are waiting you must move to the back of the waiting list. 
l Range Ammo
l Rental Guns
l Rental Eye and Hearing Protection
l Full Line of Targets

Free Locker rental while you are shooting.

Soda & Snacks for sale while you are resting or waiting.

Complete access to products right from the Range Office.