All Firearms brought onto the range must be unloaded and in a secure case, range bag, or holster prior to entering the facility.

1.Treat all guns as if they are loaded.

2.Never point a gun at anything you are not willing to shoot or destroy.

3.Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until your sights are on the target and you are ready to shoot.

4.Be sure of your target, what is in line with it and what is beyond it.

5.Load and unload firearms only on the firing line and in your shooting lane.

6.All weapons must be pointed down range at all times.

7.All firearms must be cleared and breech open when removed from the firing line.

8.Shooters must put on eye and hearing protection prior to entering the range and keep it on until they exit.

9.If any problem should occur with your weapon while on the firing line, leave the jammed or malfunctioning firearm pointed down range on the shelf in the firing station, and immediately contact the Range Safety Officer or activate the help light.

10.No drawing from a holster and firing without prior approval from the RSO “Range Safety Officer”. No shooting at objects on the floor, walls or ceiling. Shooters are responsible for any and all damage to our range that comes from reckless, negligent, or careless shooting.

11.Cross lane firing is strictly prohibited. Shoot only at your own target within your designated lane at all times.

12.No one is allowed to be forward of the firing line at any time, under any circumstances.

13.Be sure you are using the correct ammo for your gun at all times. Only factory produced ammo is allowed to be used on the range. Hand or privately loaded ammo, tracers, explosive or armor piercing ammunition is strictly prohibited. Shotguns are allowed with slugs or buckshot only.

14.All brass, once fired, is considered “lost brass.” Shooters may only collect their personal fired brass as long as they do not disrupt the shooters around them or create a safety hazard.

15.No food or drink is permitted on the range.

16.No one will be permitted on the range if they are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating substances.

17.Shooters under the age of 18 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or legal guardian at all times.

18.If you intend to do bodily harm to yourself or others you are not permitted on the range at any time.

19.Only one loaded firearm is permitted at a single time. No other gun handling is allowed behind the firing line.

20.No open toed shoes are allowed on the range

21.Always be courteous and aware of other shooters around you on the range.

22.Immediately notify the Range Safety Officer of any unsafe practices on the range.

23.All Class III weapons must be checked in at the Range Office with the required federal stamp.

24.It is the shooter's responsibility to understand how to operate the firearm safely and ensure that it is in proper working order, as well as understanding all safety features prior to shooting.

25.All rental firearms must use range ammunition purchased from Sporting Supply.

26.Upon the "CEASE FIRE" command from the Range Safety officer, all shooters must stop shooting immediately, put down the firearm faced towards the target, and step back from the firing lane. Shooters may return to the firing lane only after the "ALL CLEAR" signal has been given.

27.Never pass a loaded firearm to another person. Place unloaded firearms on the tray in your firing station and allow the next person to pick it up and load it. All firearms must be unloaded (with the breech or cylinder open) in order to move to another firing lane.

28.All shooting should be in a safe and controlled manner. Sporting Supply does not permit "dual wielding" or "two gun shooting" at any time.

29.Only authorized targets may be used and are subject to RSO approval. The RSO reserves the right to prohibit any target that is deemed offensive, inappropriate, or unsafe in their sole opinion.

30.Expectant mothers are not permitted on the range without a physician's prior approval.

31.Always check with the Range Safety Officer if you are unsure if your firearm or ammunition is permitted.

32.Sporting Supply reserves the right to eject or refuse service to anyone who inappropriately handles a firearm or would potentially endanger the safety of our patrons or staff.

33.Please ask the RSO “Range Safety Officer” for clarification if you have any questions on the Range Rules and Regulations.

34. No outside ammo is allowed without approval of the RSO

35. No steel core/steel cased ammo, including bi-metal (Tulammo, Wolf, etc.)